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Welcome to the International Academy

IB1 History

The United States in World War I

Digital Stories Project!


Table of Contents


Project Resources


Project Details, Organizers & Rubrics 

Digital Story Technology & Tutorials 

Multimedia Resources for your Digital Story


World War I Posters

Music and audio to use in your Digital Story

Do not use copyrighted music in your digital stories, as they will be posted to YouTube, which may silence copyrighted music.


General Research Resources on this Topic (for everyone) 




Gale U.S. History Resource Center

Americans at War. John P. Resch, ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005. 1196 pp. 4 vols.

World War I Reference Library. Sara Pendergast, Christine Slovey, and Tom Pendergast, eds. Detroit: UXL, 2002. 626 pp. 4 vols. 


"On the Homefront" digital collection.  American Memory, Library of Congress. 




Project Groups

Topics and Corresponding Resources

African-Americans, Native-Americans, and Latinos 

American Red Cross & Medicine 

Civil Liberties 

Propaganda and Visual Arts

The Doughboy Experience "Over There" 

Conscription & Demobilization 

Food & Rationing 

Economy, Labor & Regional Migration 

Submarine Warfare, Espionage & Sabotage 

Financing the War 

U.S. Intervention in Russian Civil War

Women: Employment and Suffrage

Wilson's wartime administration


WWII Example

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Final Projects

will be posted by teacher when submitted

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